Aug 23 – JFK Bound

Today marked the last taste of my European endeavour. Originally, I thought I would be depressed about leaving such a fine continent, but I was content with my stay and felt it was perfect timing to head back across the sea. From Rome we needed to take a bus ride back to Fiumicino airport about 45 minutes away, did some final shopping at the duty free, checked in and boarded for Paris. We got to Paris a little later than expected but made our flight with 20 minutes to spare. It jus so happened we were boarding a double decker Air France air-bus, seating a couple hundred passengers – and very luxurious. All together the trip took 7.5 hours of flight, covering about 3650 miles. It was pleasant knowing we were finally home because I was in need of catching up on rest.

All in all, the Siena program from start to finish was amazing. I had the intentions of  exploring, interacting, and learning a thing or two. Just being present within a foreign environment was a learning experience in itself. Seeing how cultures thrive given the history and urban settings they’ve grown accustom to. Throughout my four years attending NJIT, no semester has taught me more than this summer study abroad. Yes, I’ve learned a vast amount about concepts, precedents, structures, socio-political impacts, sustainability, and the list goes on, but thus far that’s been experienced solely within a classroom through text and visual aid. Until one physically experiences a space with rich history embedded within each building block, it’s all bland information. Until one walks around medieval urban settings, nobody gets a slight idea about the physical reality of such a place.

Despite learning mostly about history, urbanism and the like, the amount of general knowledge from architecture to culture has surpassed any information anybody could possibly attain from a classroom setting. I think the Siena program is not only a fun-filled adventurous program, but an essential endeavour of true architectural understanding. From my professors to my family – Mom, Dad, Grandpa & Grandy, Grandma (up), Grandma (down), Aunt Kim & Uncle Joe, Carol Lerer – I grately appreciate the contributions (instructorial and financial) allowing this experience to happen. . making this a summer experience unprecedented.


One Response to Aug 23 – JFK Bound

  1. rjdub says:

    Hi RJ, With a sincere appreciation and love i am so happy to have help make this experience possible to you. Like i have said many times, i hope to go to Italy some day but to have experienced it through your eyes and words is better then if i had gone my self. I love you and am so, so proud of who you are as a person. MoM

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