Aug 20 – Attractions and beach day

After FINALLY getting a decent sleep, I awoke feeling energized and motivated for the day. It was early morning, Matt and I moved our cars to a street with designated free parking spots. On the walk back we picked up some breakfast essentials and prepared a meal for all of us. We all cleaned up and planned our day out to maximize our daily visit.
Our first visit was near the governmental section of Barcelona, featuring buildings for the important city officials. Nearby was the Barcelona Pavilion and naturally we ventured inward. This was not the original setting for Mies van der Rohe’s project but after some collaboration and effort, the installation was reassembled and placed nonchalantly next to a regular looking public parking lot in Barcelona. Seeing this building within architectural history so much in school almost makes it pointless to visit in person because of how small it is, but I was interested in the fine craftsmanship put into all the components and its connections. There were other minor attractions around that we glanced at and then made our way to the beach.
After finding parking in a small and tight community, we walked along the beach edge checking out Frank Ghery’s fish sculture – a quick glance and we found a spot on the beach. The setting was nice, filled to the max with locals and tourists, but surprisingly the water was a bit dirty. A couple of us manned up and went inward and swam towards an island of massive concrete cubes where several others were jumping from one to the next. We hopped up on one and jumped from one to the other, in all the little island spread across an area of 200 feet long by 40 feet wide – certainly a very cool attraction. Alongside the island there was a kid in a tube dragged by a guy in a small boat both showing off, impressing the crowd. After hitting one too many waves, the two of them flew off, but the boat was still in motion. Fortunately, the boats steering wheel was turned to the right forcing the boat to continually circle round and around. After 10 minutes of circling, the lifeguards got a hold of it by matching the boats speed and one guard hopping onto it. Everybody on the island became a spectator and loudly applauded the lifeguards daring stunt to cease the boat. We them swam back to shore and spent some time relaxing and catching up on some well needed tanning.

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One Response to Aug 20 – Attractions and beach day

  1. rjdub says:

    once again you have managed to tell a great story wich makes me think you might consider becoming a writer. Thank you for all you entries and making it feel as if the reader is there along with you. I have enjoyed the journey thus far and always in the recesses of my mind I am glad you took the faggy bag on wheels!!

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