Aug 19 – Hola Bar’th’elona

I ended up sleeping about two hours until someone woke me at 4:50 am. Being mostly packed, there was no need to rush, so after getting dressed and consolidating my belongings, I checked out of the dorm and followed the group of 12 others to the bus station. The bus arrived on time, so we boarded and we were on our way to Rome. Within Rome we had to take the subway train to the main station Termini where we caught another train to the Fiumicino airport.
Joann, Shannon, and I picked a flight after everyone else, so we stayed within the airport premise for several hours before boarding and departing. After the noisy 1.5 hour flight, we retrieved our luggage and picked up our rental Peugeot 207 5-door 5-speed hatchback. It was nice having our own set of wheels to travel at our own leisure. The car itself was relatively new, good condition, but had very little power. The powertrain features a whopping 1.4 liter 4-cylinder gasoline engine delivering probably fractions of a single horsepower to the wheels. Despite the performance equating to that of a snail, it was interesting to drive within the European styled infrastructure.
A short half-hour drive and we arrived to the vicinity of our apartment literally across the street from La Sagrada Familia – a church designed by famous architect Antoni Gaudi, still under construction since 1882. It took some time before getting in contact with the others to get in the apartment and unwind. The rest of the evening involved checking out the church from our balcony, a quick kebab dinner, and getting some early shut eye.

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